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Friday, 09. September 2011 with kunst-stoff-regensburg artist group

23th September 2011 to 27th November 2011

art in "Schlachthof Straubing"


Brigitte Berndt as part of artist group kunst-stoff-regensburg takes part at exhibition  "AnDenken" Galery "Halle II" Straubing.

Vernissage 23.09.11

Exhibition 24.09.11 bis 27.11.11

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Saturday, 10. September 2011 Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg 85. Exhibition

17th September 2011 to 16th October 2011

Opening: Friday, 16th September 2011 7 PM

brooch silver bones synthetics

You and your friends are cordially invited to the opening.

Vernissage on friday, 16th September 7 PM.  

Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg
Ludwigstr. 6, 93047 Regensburg

welcoming: Alfred Böschl, chairman

introduction: Claus Caspers

Sincerely yours

Brigitte Berndt

Saturday, 24. March 2012 Pickings with kunst-stoff-regensburg artist group

September 23th, 2011 to November 27th, 2011

art in "Schlachthof Straubing"


Brigitte Berndt as part of artist group kunst-stoff-regensburg takes part at exhibition  "AnDenken" Galery "Halle II" Straubing.

Vernissage 23.09.11

Exhibition 24.09.11 bis 27.11.11

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Thursday, 25. August 2011 Exhibition Autumn 2011

16th September 2011 - 15th October 2011

Jewellery from Idar-Oberstein

Autumn 2011

Brigitte Berndt takes 6 alumni from Fachhochschule für Schmuckdesign Idar-Oberstein to Regensburg.

All of them passed their exam at the same time and lost sight of each other. With "reconnected!" Brigitte Berndt will arrange a kind of "class reunion" in her gallery.


vernissage at 16th of September 6 PM

exhibition from 16th of September to 15th of October 2011


at special "Regensburger Galerienabend" at 24th Sep 2011 from 6 to 12 PM

with music from Bertl Wenzl + Co.



Monday, 30. May 2011 Brigitte Berndt as curator for the Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg

Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg

A second time, Brigitte Berndt presents as curator of the Kunst und Gewerbeverein Regensburg artists and artisans of diverse trade headings under the title

„Gewebe, Geflecht und Strukturen“ (Canvas, Meshwork and Structures)

Claudia Barthel, Sünching, ceramicist and sculptor. She is mostly interested in mythical topics. Her figurative earthenware works emanate earth affinity and nativeness.

Angeliki Hofmann, an american also works with ceramics. Her artistic work, is to use broken Items as a groundwork of her objects and to add missing parts, to bind them together or wrapping them.

Renate Hoening from Regensburg, crochets clothings, shoes, underwear and outerwear from metal wire. Using chain stitches she recreates fragile wire-objects.

Brigitte Kunz, better known under the pen name „Dejan“ also originates from Regensburg.
For the first time, she publicly presents her polymeric clay rings. Animal heads are embossed with attention to detailand arranged to uncommon Rings. But also „Oligarch jewellery“, for enthusiasts of luscious design, elaborate embossed from smallest pearls and stones are to be found in her collection.  

Brigitte Paulzen from nuremberg uses various clothes for her ornamental stoles and awards the bearer a certain diva-like look.

Maja Vogl from Bernhardswald, formidable shows with her fine woven, shining coloured shawls, that her roots lie in painting.

Charlotte Vögele, Vice director of the professional school for flower arts in Freising, structural accomplishes natural, apparently not matching plantmaterial.
Her objects reach an amazing overall impression, without robbing the properties their features.

Marianne Wurst from Eschlingen near Stuttgart shows the latest hat-creations, in which satin and wool are skillfully combined to proper award the base material felt with grace.

At the anacrusis of the vernissage on Friday, 27th June at 7PM, pupils oft he Rupert-Mayer-Zentrum show their clothings made of newspaper in a little fashion show.

to the invitation KGV invitation

Monday, 30. May 2011 Exhibition Spring 2011

3rd June 2011 - 9th July

Susanne Elstner und Katja Schlegel

Spring 2011

The Galleria Brigitte Berndt SCHMUCK is going to present jewellery from Munich on 3rd June 2011.

Katja Schlegel uses the whole diversity of modern material mix and associates e.g. baroque ear-jewellery through the silhouette of a modern shape to the beholder and bearer.


Susanne Elstner works with the finest filaments from gold and siver and emerges herself the potential of shapes that appear to be natural and almost alive.
The delicate workmanship gives the impression of velvety softness and is nevertheless extremely robust.
The ideational link to creatures from flora and fauna originates the desire of touching.
“The oppositeness of the two jewellery concepts despite of clear-cut basic designs makes jointly exhibitions thrilling”, constitutes Brigitte Berndt the assembly of workmanships.

The exhibition starts with a vernissage on 3rd June 2011 at 7PM at the Galleria Brigitte Berndt SCHMUCK, Untere Bachgasse 11 and ends at 9th July 2011. Both of the jewellery artists will attend.

I’m looking forward to your visit

Yours sincerely Brigitte Berndt

Sunday, 10. July 2011 ornamental recovery strategies

Brigitte Berndt at press

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